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*Please note: Situations may vary by installation. Please visit your base website for more information.

[+]I have received orders to an installation with Picerne housing. When can I apply for on-base housing?

Service members are eligible to apply for installation housing once they have received orders to a Picerne base.

[+]Can my spouse apply for housing on my behalf?

Yes, a non-military or dual military spouse may apply for housing on behalf of the sponsor/senior service member. The non-sponsor submitting the application must be named on the sponsor's general power of attorney and present this document to the Picerne Military Housing Leasing & Relocation Center.

[+]Can I designate someone to accept a home on my behalf or in my absence?

Yes, someone can accept a home for you (approve the assignment, sign the lease, accept the keys). The individual acting on your behalf must be named on a special power of attorney which specifically details your designee's authority to manage the assignment and termination of housing for you at your installation, sign the lease document on your behalf, and start/stop your allotment for housing.

[+]What type of dependent documentation is needed to house my family?

  • Army – DD 1172
  • Navy – Page 2
  • Air Force – Orders or DD 1172
  • Marine Corp – DD 1751
  • Coast Guard – CG 4170

[+]What is the rank structure or "rank bands" for Picerne housing?

For on-base housing purposes: Ranks E-1 to E-5 are considered to be Junior Non-Commission Officers (JNCO). Ranks E-6 to E-8 are considered to be Senior Non-Commission Officers (SNCO). The rank of E-9 receives independent rank classification for housing. Officers, O1- to O-3, and WO1 to CW3 are Company Grade Officers (CGO) and CW4 and CW 5 and O4 and O5s are classified as Field Grade Officers (FGO).

[+]Is there a wait list for the newly constructed homes?

At this time, Picerne Military Housing does not have a wait list specifically for newly constructed housing. While we do have new housing available for most rank bands on some installations, our waitlist operates on the basis of first available home.

[+]How do I submit an online application?

An online application can be submitted through each installation's website. Please note: Your online housing application will be reviewed by our relocation staff and placed in a Pending Arrival Status. You will be contacted by a member of our dedicated team of Relocation Specialists regarding your application status. They will assist you in completing housing eligibility requirements, including supporting documents, to ensure that your family experiences the improved quality of life being provided at Picerne's communities.

[+]How is the housing eligibility date determined?

Service members can apply for housing once they have received orders for a Picerne installation or a duty station within 50 miles. For service members who are new to the service, married and have received orders to a Picerne installation as their first duty station, the eligibility date for housing is the Military Entrance Processing Date. For service members who were single upon entering any branch of the military and married after initial enlistment, the eligibility date for housing is the Date of Marriage.

[+]I am enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP). Will I have priority placement on the wait list?

EFMP status does not constitute priority placement on Picerne housing wait lists.

[+]May I request placement on more than one wait list at one time?

Service members may occupy only one wait list at a time.

[+]Once placed on the wait list, may I transfer to a different list?

If the service member elects to change wait lists, the requests must be made within 30 days of initial placement on the wait list in order to maintain the original housing eligibility date. Requests to change wait lists after 30 days will result in an eligibility date change to the current date of application except under certain circumstances such as (1) change in rank or (2) change in family composition.

[+]My family has been living in our on-base home for three years and we are ready to move. Can we apply for another wait list?

Once the family is housed, the service member cannot apply for another wait list unless the following occurs: the service member meets the eligibility requirements for additional bedrooms due to (1) change in rank or (2) change in family composition.

[+]Where do I stay while I wait for housing? Is there temporary housing?

Temporary lodging is available at all Picerne installations and is contingent on space availability. Picerne Military Housing does not provide temporary housing for service members waiting to be placed in on-base housing. Please check with your specific installation for more information.

[+]My mother is coming to live with me, am I eligible for a larger home?

The parent must be established as a dependent of the service member through DEERS and have a military-issued ID card.

[+]Who will pay for my family's move if I am an incoming service member?

The move will be a government transportation move, if authorized on your orders.

[+]I am a single service member with one child. Am I eligible for on-base housing?

Yes, housing applications are accepted from single service members with legal dependents. The application, along with all other required documents, must be accompanied by a current court order (copy) indicating custody of the dependent(s) has been granted to the service member.

[+]I have a dual military household and my wife is stationed at another installation. Can I apply for housing?

Dual military families stationed at separate installations are eligible to apply for on-base family housing if both have additional dependents listed on his/her DEERS Enrollment Form. The dual service member applying for housing must provide proof that he/she is or will be receiving BAH at the with-dependent rate. If the dual military family have no other dependents, they are not eligible to reside in on-base family housing.

[+]I am a dual military household. Whose name will my housing lease be under?

The lease will be placed in the name of the senior ranking service member.

[+]If I submit an online application, will housing be available when I arrive?

Once your application and all supporting documentation has been received and approved by our Leasing & Relocation Center, you will be placed on the appropriate wait list. Wait times and availability are subject to change based on vacancy status.

[+]Who will pay for my move if I am doing a voluntary inter-base move?

The service member will be responsible for the voluntary inter-base move.

[+]I will be relocating to a Picerne installation in eight months. Can you tell me how long my family will have to wait for on-base housing?

Wait times vary and are available on each installation's Picerne website. Please visit the website for your installation for more information on housing options and wait times as you approach your PCS date.

[+]My family was assigned to a four-bedroom home at my last duty station. Will I automatically qualify for four-bedroom housing at my next installation?

At Picerne installations, service members with primary physical custody of three or more children automatically qualify for four-bedroom housing.

[+]Are Picerne houses furnished?

No, the houses are not furnished.

[+]What amenities are included with the home (i.e., appliances, etc.)?

Picerne homes are fully equipped with a refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher. Garbage disposals and ice makers are available in select homes. The homes also feature full size washer/dryer hookups. Picerne offers free lawn care, maintenance, and snow removal services.

[+]Do you allow pets and how many?

Yes, Picerne housing is pet-friendly. There is a two or three pet limit depending on which installation you are assigned. Exotic pets such as monkeys, reptiles, etc., are not permitted. In addition, dogs belonging to dangerous breeds, including full or mixed breed Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Bull Terriers, English Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Chows, Doberman Pinschers, and wolf hybrids, are prohibited from family housing areas. Please review the Picerne Military Housing Pet Policy if you have additional questions. The Leasing and Relocation Center can provide you with a copy of this policy.

[+]Do the homes come equipped with fencing?

No, not all homes come equipped with a fence. There may be a program in progress to install fencing to homes on many Picerne installations and you can make a request to be added to the fencing wait list. Residents that do not want to wait may self-install fencing at their own expense, but must receive approval from the Neighborhood Manager before erecting a fence. Any fencing installed must meet the material specifications supplied by Picerne Military Housing. For more information, please contact your Neighborhood Office.


WaitList FAQ's


[+]What are the requirements for housing eligibility?

You are eligible for privatized, on-base family housing if you are an active duty service member assigned to an installation within 50 miles of a Picerne installation. On some Picerne bases, military retirees and federal employees are eligible. Service members can be placed on the waitlist once your orders to the installation or a duty station within 50 miles have been received. Applications can be submitted through each installation's Picerne website or in person by visiting the Leasing & Relocation Center at each base. After you complete the housing application and submit all required documentation, you can then be placed on the appropriate list.

[+]What determines my placement on the wait list?

Your placement on the wait list is based on your eligibility date. The eligibility date is typically determined by the date of application. If you are newly married, your date will be the day you were married. You must apply within 30 days of arrival otherwise your eligibility date will be the date of your application with no eligible credits. There are some situations that may alter your date, so please check with the Leasing and Relocation Center to see if this applies to you.

[+]What documents are required to be placed on the wait list?

To be placed on the wait list, you will need to provide a completed application, a copy of your most current orders, and your dependent documentation. Before you are able to accept a home, you will need to provide your most recent LES, a valid photo ID, and your DA-31 leave form or equivalent (i.e. out-processing checklist or stamped orders).

[+]What happens if I decline a home?

If an offer is made and you decline a home or homes after viewing it during the same appointment you will maintain your position on the wait list. If you decline a home or homes during your second appointment, your eligibility date will be changed to the date of your second decline. After a third declination, you will be removed from the wait list and will need to reapply after six months.

[+]What will my wait time be?

Your wait time is determined by the number of vacant homes. The wait time given is estimation and is subject to change; however, every effort will be made to find adequate housing as quickly as possible. Please check with the Leasing and Relocation Center for updates. If a preference of floor plan or neighborhood is given, your wait time could be extended past the given estimate depending on current availability.

[+]What determines the list I am placed on?

Your rank and the number of dependents will determine the size of your home, as well as the rank band of the home you will be placed in. The rank bands are as follows: JNCO, E-1 to E-5; SNCO; E-6 to E-8; CSM/SM E-9; CGO; O1/O1E to O3/O3E; FGO; O4 to O5; SGO; O6 to O9.

[+]What does it mean if I get bumped on the wait list?

If you get bumped on the wait list, it means an incoming service member applied with an earlier eligibility date and went above you on the wait list. Only the top 10 percent of every wait list is frozen and those service members cannot be bumped. If a large number of service members arrive or return from deployment, your estimated wait time could change.

[+]What happens if someone has the same eligibility date as me?

If someone has the same eligibility date, date-of-rank will be the secondary factor regarding placement on the list. The earlier date-of-rank will be placed first. If the date-of-rank is the same, date-of-entry into service will be used.

[+]How long do I have to wait for an intra-base move?

Wait times for intra-base (IB) moves are not given. All incoming service members are housed first. When a home is available it will be offered to the first person on the IB move list. You must have at least 12 months remaining at your current installation to be offered a move.

[+]Once contacted, how long do I have to respond to make a move-in appointment?

Once contacted, you have 72 hours to respond to the Leasing and Relocation Center before we offer that home to the next service member on the wait list. Special circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If advance notification is possible, we can work with you to find an alternative that best serves you. If you will be out of town, please let the Leasing and Relocation Center know, so arrangements can be made.

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