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Developing family-friendly neighborhoods has always been our passion.

Picerne Military Housing was originally created under the umbrella of Picerne Real Estate Group, a Picerne family business founded in 1925. In 1996, when the Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) was instituted by Congress, John Picerne decided to take a chance and create his own privatized military housing company, and this began Picerne Military Housing as we know it. The main goal of the operation was to renovate, build and maintain modern and comfortable homes more efficiently and effectively than with the previous military construction system. From the many years of experience leading up to the creation of Picerne Military Housing, John took the best ideas from the business and applied them to his plans to build and update military housing. Picerne Military Housing’s success comes from the realization that the number of homes is not important, but elevating the service and quality of life for soldiers and their families is what really matters.

In 2001, Picerne Military Housing was selected by the Army to privatize family housing on Fort Meade, one of the four coveted pilot posts to test RCI’s effectiveness. It took a year to break ground, and a year after that the first families moved into new Fort Meade homes. The huge success with Fort Meade led to a progression of more and more posts privatized under Picerne Military Housing.

In 2003, Picerne Military Housing assumed on-post housing responsibility for the Army installation with the largest population in the world: Fort Bragg, North Carolina. As huge an undertaking as that was, Picerne Military Housing has been able to renovate almost 2,000 homes and build almost 2,000 new homes. In addition to the 11 family neighborhoods Picerne Military Housing oversees, the company also built a new apartment complex for single and unaccompanied officers and senior noncommissioned officers. Seeing an issue that the company could help address, Picerne Military Housing took on one of the five pilot programs that were approved in 2007 by the RCI for senior, single-soldier housing. For years, these soldiers have either lived in suite-style barracks on-post or had to rent an apartment off-post. Now these soldiers can have the benefits of living on post with the luxury of an affordable and comfortable apartment and community atmosphere they want. In February 2009, the first single soldiers moved in, making this endeavor a large success.

Overall, Picerne Military Housing has proudly assumed the responsibility of the on-post family housing for a total of seven military installations in the United States: Fort Meade, Maryland; Fort Bragg, North Carolina; Fort Rucker, Alabama; Fort Polk, Louisiana; Fort Riley, Kansas; Fort Sill, Oklahoma and Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Along with Fort Meade and Fort Bragg, the other five Army installations under Picerne Military Housing management have similar long-term plans for renovation, construction and modernization. Since Picerne Military Housing has assumed responsibility for housing, the company has renovated more than 6,000 homes and built more than 5,000 new homes, with more improvements, modernizations and construction underway.

In 2011 the Air Force selected Picerne Military Housing to privatize the on-base family housing at the six Air Force bases making up the Continental Group — Eielson, Edwards, McConnell, Seymour Johnson and Eglin Air Force bases and Hurlburt Field.

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