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Construction Scope

Tremendous changes are taking place at the seven Army installations where Picerne Military Housing is responsible for on-post family housing. Each of the seven Community Development and Management Plans (CDMP) lays out a 50-year scope for construction, renovation and demolition. The first part of that scope is called the Initial Development Period (IDP), which is normally ten years for the Army installations.

The total construction scope during the Initial Development Periods for all seven Army installations is 7,032 brand new homes for military families. Many of the homes we assumed responsibility for from the Army were relatively new or in relatively good condition. For 11,032 of those homes we have or will significantly renovate them to bring them up to Picerne standards. For those homes that have served their useful life, all 5,206 have been or will be demolished during the IDP’s.

As of the end of 2010, that construction, renovation and demolition scope has given us a total of 20,382 homes for military families at Forts Meade, Bragg, Polk, Rucker, Riley, Sill and Aberdeen Proving Ground.

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