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Construction Safety

Safety is the number one core value of Picerne Military Housing.

The safety of construction employees and residents is the driving force behind everything we do.

In an ever-changing work environment with new challenges every day, Picerne Military Housing strives to prepare workers to maintain the highest level of safety in the workplace. We take pride in setting aggressive goals for safety performance - we believe that the goal of "Zero Incidents" is attainable. Our Safety Management team, along with project superintendents, actively participate in Picerne Military Housing's commitment to an accident free workplace:

  • Training: All employees receive thorough training.
  • Empowerment: Everyone has the authority to say "no" to unsafe conditions.
  • Action: We are committed to taking the steps necessary to protect employees and continuously strive to improve the safety program.
  • Motivation: We work to ensure that the safety of the company's people is the top priority, above all else.

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